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Mike Snee 

Mike Snee, the owner of Meridian World Travel and Cruise is regarded as among the best in the travel industry for European destinations. He not only  has the expertise and knowledge of local areas to enhance your travel experience (he lived in Europe for over 16 years), but he can also recommend and style “off the beaten track” itineraries, often with unique and intimate accommodation (historical houses, castles, monasteries) as well as traditional style hotels.  He is aware of special events in local areas of many countries - and can combine your trip to coincide with these.

As Mike says "our array of travel experiences is like a fine dining menu - simple and delicious and not the regular 'fast food' offerings that are so prevalent in today's market"

If you've travelled around Europe and feel that you've touched all the bases but would like to return and really experience the lesser known hidden gems, then Mike's your man, because there is so much that is missed when doing the "standard" Europe package - and - Europe is one of those places you can repeatedly visit year after year and still experience new destinations after a lifetime of travel. 

Also as the European seasons of the year are so distinctive, they play an important part in your travel background and observations when travelling there.  Mike is aware of this and takes it into consideration, when planning your itinerary.   

As an established cruise specialist, Mike's vast experience of cruising around Europe and the Americas sets him apart from the rest.   Whilst we know choosing cruises can be much like reading a menu, its the pre and post cruise experiences that enhance the enjoyment of your trip.

Mike also has a myriad knowledge about your pre-cruise or post-cruise destination: fly into Nice, don't be three hours from the port (which would be easy to do if you didnt know your way around) and why not overnight there before joining your cruise?!  And, as for your post cruise, if it's finishing in Rome, why not add on the Amalfi Coast or Aeolian Islands?  He can put together something for you and, not only taking all the pain out of it, but enhancing your senses through the journey! 

Nicki Lawson 

Hi there, my name is Nicki and I’ve been in travel for 14 years. Whilst I am well known for being a Bali Travel Specialist I do many other destinations, and travel as often as I can to keep current.

I love my position and think it shows in all that I do for my clients. When you love what you do it ceases to become work as they say. While the internet offers a lot of information and a price point that you may think can’t be beaten, we prove every day that we have more to offer, and our pricing can be the same or better than the online giants.  We have accounts with most of them so these days it is much more of an integrated system where you are the winner.
As mentioned I have a passion for Bali.  If you have been then you know why it is so popular AND why it is so misunderstood. A wonderful world class holiday is available to all types of people on all types of budgets. The critical issue is to define who you are and what you are looking for. Maybe even what you love to avoid while travelling. 

There is much to love in Bali whether you are a lover of food, shopping, pampering/spas, exploring, culture, religion, yoga, surfing, snorkelling, diving, volcano climbing/walks, fishing, white water rafting and much more, believe it or not! If you are not aware of the world class dining options in Bali, then please let us bring you up to date.  Few places in the world now rival Bali for the diverse range of international cuisines and award winning menus. The décor in some of these places have to be seen to be believed and come from collaborations with some very high-end designers.
What ever draws you to Bali will become just one of the many things that lures you back. After 45 trips to Bali I feel I can assist you with a 'first timers' trip or a 'Bali regular' looking for the next new and exciting 'must do', 'must stay' and 'must eat'.

Happy Travels! 

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